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We’re always looking for experienced, entrepreneurial lawyers to join us as we reinvent the business of law. Lawyers who enjoy helping people and businesses achieve their objectives. Lawyers who love making deals happen and solving problems. Lawyers who bring that something “extra” to the job. Lawyers who are interested in doing interesting work.

To pass Vasilaras’ rigorous screening test you’ll need the desire to achieve a balance between your legal career and other aspects of your life. The willingness to work hard when you need to. The ability to adapt quickly. Honestly. With integrity. And common sense. A sense of humour isn’t mandatory, but it wouldn’t hurt.

If you are interested in exploring life outside the traditional law firm setting or beyond the confines of a cubicle in a single organisation, we just might be able to offer you the ideal work environment. Which may, in many instances, turn out to be your home office. Giving you the best of both worlds. The fulfilling, stimulating, problem-solving kind of legal work you love. And, the freedom to enjoy more of all the other things you love. Sound refreshing? If so, email your curriculum vitae to


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