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When a relationship breaks down, it’s stressful for everyone concerned. And at times like these, we assist our clients by providing clarity and minimising conflict.

Modern life is complex and family life often complicated: careers and businesses are international, with home and working life often played out in multiple countries and across multiple jurisdictions. We understand the pressures this can cause. And our solid, thoughtful legal advice provides the guidance and practical solutions our clients need to feel confident about their options and next steps.

We also appreciate that career, financial and business concerns often merge with the personal. That’s why our family law team’s advice focuses on protecting all of our clients’ interests. This includes all commercial, personal and reputational matters, as well as protecting any inherited wealth and safeguarding both your rights and those of your children. In cases concerning suspected hidden assets, we also work closely with experienced forensic accountants to investigate all available assets, including any located offshore or within complex company and/or trust structures.

Our family law team is motivated by the desire to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients and their families, and doing so in the most cost-effective, discreet and efficient way possible.

We advise clients in all areas of family law including:

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