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We’re not your typical law firm, and Vasilaras + Co lawyers aren’t typical lawyers. Having cut their teeth at renowned law firms, they could have opted to stay and work for a big firm enjoying perks like expense account lunches and private club memberships, while juniors slavishly work on their files.

Instead, compelled by the diversity, flexibility and other benefits that come with practising in association with Vasilaras + Co, they brought their best of breed experience to us – and to our many grateful clients.

What do they bring to the table, other than their briefcases? They hit the ground running. They are able to understand your needs and objectives. They’re there to make things happen, not to put up unnecessary obstacles. And, they’re all passionate about making a real impact, not counting hours as would be the case if they were associates longing to one day make partner.

If you would like to get in touch with one of our experienced lawyers, contact us on 1800 VAS LAW or complete our online enquiry form below. 

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